CREATE Local Username and Passwords For Users conneting to teh INternet


Hi Guys

Model Pep link Media Fast 500
Firmware6.3.3 build 1778

Currently for a end users to connect to the internet the PEPLINK 500 forwards traffic to the RADIUS server.
We have a Microsoft Radius server and it would cost money to add users to its database due to Licenses .
May I request pep link to add a Feature on the BOX an inbuilt User authentication scheme perhaps groups for user authentication ?



InControl2 Captive Portal “Guest account” should able to achieve your need.

Make sure the MediaFast 500 is manage by InControl2 then you should have the inbuilt guest account using IC2.


Thank you
So I assume that the GUEST USERNAME and PASSWORD will be stored in the InControl2 Cloud ?
Or will it be saved somewhere in My Pep link Media Fast 500

As I am in AFRICA connection to my Internet is slow and most of the time Down

How will it work then ?



Hi Sitloongs
Am unable to see the screen shot you sent me while I log on to incontrol2
Have attached what I see



The captive portal settings is in Group Level settings:


Hi Sitloongs
I do not see Group Level


Hi Sitloongs

Apologies I am able to see GROUP LEVEL however unable to see the BALANCE GROUP



Balance group is the custom name define for my testing group. Your defined group name should be Zambia.


Thank you found it
Click on Network Setting -> Captive Portal.
Appreciate it

After Network Setting -> Captive Portal it says New Captive Portal
also mentions “Note: Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX firmware supports one captive portal only.”

We already have a Captive Portal on the device itself what are the consequences if I start configuring on Incontrol2 Network Setting -> Captive Portal ->New Captive Portal hope I will not loose the captive portal configured on the Peplink Device itself ?

Totally appreciate you helping me out and your immediate responses which are 100% what am looking for