CREATE Local Username and Passwords For Users conneting to teh INternet

Hi Guys

Model Pep link Media Fast 500
Firmware6.3.3 build 1778

Currently for a end users to connect to the internet the PEPLINK 500 forwards traffic to the RADIUS server.
We have a Microsoft Radius server and it would cost money to add users to its database due to Licenses .
May I request pep link to add a Feature on the BOX an inbuilt User authentication scheme perhaps groups for user authentication ?


InControl2 Captive Portal “Guest account” should able to achieve your need.

Make sure the MediaFast 500 is manage by InControl2 then you should have the inbuilt guest account using IC2.

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Thank you
So I assume that the GUEST USERNAME and PASSWORD will be stored in the InControl2 Cloud ?
Or will it be saved somewhere in My Pep link Media Fast 500

As I am in AFRICA connection to my Internet is slow and most of the time Down

How will it work then ?


Hi Sitloongs
Am unable to see the screen shot you sent me while I log on to incontrol2
Have attached what I see


The captive portal settings is in Group Level settings:

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Hi Sitloongs
I do not see Group Level

Hi Sitloongs

Apologies I am able to see GROUP LEVEL however unable to see the BALANCE GROUP


Balance group is the custom name define for my testing group. Your defined group name should be Zambia.

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Thank you found it
Click on Network Setting → Captive Portal.
Appreciate it

After Network Setting → Captive Portal it says New Captive Portal
also mentions “Note: Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX firmware supports one captive portal only.”

We already have a Captive Portal on the device itself what are the consequences if I start configuring on Incontrol2 Network Setting → Captive Portal ->New Captive Portal hope I will not loose the captive portal configured on the Peplink Device itself ?

Totally appreciate you helping me out and your immediate responses which are 100% what am looking for