Create/Delete client and generate/revoke token from CLI

We would like to request the ability to Create/Delete client and generate/revoke token from CLI.

The current method is Authentication - with Admin User account POST /api/login
Create Client /api/auth.client
Generate token /api/auth.token.grant
Revoke token /api/auth.token.revoke
Delete client

Then you can use Authentication - with Client ID for additional transcations.
You also have to renew the token every 48 hours.

The Router supports CLI SSH Access Public Key

  • PublicKeys are secured by the strength of the cryptography for the type of key.
  • Passwords are guessable and more easily compromised in general than any (even very old) cryptography.
  • Configuring trust of a key pair results in a stable and long term secure authentication path that does not require additional software components.
  • Any token (or static password) is far more vulnerable than a dynamic ‘proof of key’ authentication method.

Can we please add the ability to Create/Delete client and generate/revoke token from CLI?


Sounds sensible to me.

If you have an option to create you absolutely should have an option to revoke


I would like this also. Much tidier / safer.


I concur. It’s a good idea to have that feature.


We hear you pals and developers are in discussion on this request. I cannot speak for them but work with them. Stay tuned! :wink:


Thanks for looking into this for us!


+1 on this request from here as well - would be very useful.

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@Eddy_Yeung Can you please add this to 8.5 beta 1?