CPU & Memory Specs


What are the specs for (CPU, RAM, flash) for the Balance One, Balance 20x, and the SOHO? I would like to compare before purchasing.


Hi. Peplink generally does not publish this information. However, I might point out that the three devices you mention are really quite different from each other. If you would care to describe your use case you’d like receive some very useful comments from folks who use and sell this equipment.


My use will be for home and home business. I’d like to separate the home and business from each other, which I am sure will not be an issue with Peplink products. However, I’d also like to do things like add VPN. I have read a lot of great things about Peplink routers but I know some of these routers are getting late in their product lifecycle and without knowing the CPU, Flash and RAM specs it is challenging to know how future proof my purchase will be. Having these specs would make it easier to compare apples to apples. If someone can provide this information, that would be helpful. Thanks again.

There are no explicit CPU and RAM indications, but there is a model comparison of balance devices

And by reading between the lines that the firewall and PEPvpn throughput will correlate with the CPU power.

I’ve deployed a couple of B20X’s and they are good value.

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Thanks Paul. What version of Peplink firmware do you run on the 20x?

8.1.0… USB ethernet to get a second wired wan.
FusionHub Solo at Vultr to get my inbound traffic around the CG-NAT.
L2TP VPN directly into the FHSolo.

Thank you for the information.