CPU Load Problem


I have a Peplink Balance 310 with firmware 5.4.9 build 1989 and i keep getting a CPU spike to 100% causing network instability. How can i monitor what eats up the CPU. Peplink balanced is configured with 2 ISPS. Both ISPS downloading / uploading speed is set to 15Mbps.
Can you please help me or advise what can i do to see why my CPU spikes to 100%

Many Thanks!!

Hi Spyros - Sorry for the issues you are having. Without digging into your device, it is hard to say what is causing an issue. Something to check is e event logging the firewall rules you have any created. I have seen this issue when users are event logging the “ALLOWED” firewall rules. Over time this can cause the CPU to spike. hope this helps.


I dont have any rules everything is set to default. Will this cause CPU spike? What if i edit the default rule and set it to ‘‘Deny’’ will this have any affect on my network?

It is almost impossible to say what is causing the issue without taking a closer look.

You can take a look at Status>Active Sessions to see if anyone is download/uploading a abnormal amount if data.

Otherwise appreciate if you could create a support ticket with us and we can help take a look.