CPU Information

is there any information on the CPU being used on the Balance One and Balance 210. I’m pretty sure customer is tapping out another Balance One and don’t want to have to put in a 305 if I don’t have to and maybe replace with a Balance 210. Just trying to find out if the 210 has a stronger CPU, can handle more sessions. Thanks

We don’t release specs on the CPU but if he is tapping out a Balance One I would definitely go up to a 305 instead of a 210.

Can you release info on concurrent sessions?

Balance Series Concurrent Sessions

Balance One: 5,000
Balance 210: 20,000

I believe we need to confirm these numbers and get back to you, there may be an update…

Much Appreciated!

Can you please include the same information for balance50?


3,000 CC Sessions for the B50

What about the concurrent session for the Surf Soho?