Cpu 100%

our cpu is at 100% anything we can do?

can you let us know what links you are using? How many user you have one the network? and most importantly, which Peplink model you are using?


I also get a CPU 100% on my 710 but that seems to indicate processing time when deciding on best routes. I have 3000 users and a 100MB connection as well as a 200MB connection. We are looking to do an upgrade in the near future.

Hello Harry,

I do apologize that you are having issues with your 710. The first thing that I would verify is that you are on the latest Firmware for the Balance, 5.2.2. Here is a link for your convenience if need be-

Firmware 5.2.2 (build 1508) for Balance 380/390/580/700/710/1350:


I do think you have the right idea with upgrading to our B1350; the B710 is rated for recommended users up to around 2000 so you are a bit beyond that. Feel free to contact us about the upgrade and we might be able to work with you in that regards.

Finally, if you like, you can turn in a support ticket with a diagnostic report and we can review if there is anything else going on (outside of the large number of users) that might be causing the issue. Instructions to get the report can be found at the following link-

You can open the support ticket, if need be, at the following link-


I do hope this helps to clarify everything Harry, please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Best Regards,


The Peplink Team