CPanel e mail issues

Hello guys,

I have a peplink 30 at my work location, we have 2 DSL line’s connected to the balancer and around 20 computers on the network.
The issue I have is that the company uses CPanel web e mail and when a user connects he will be kicked out after 10 second of opening the e mail stating that the “IP has changed”
I tried to enforce the rule in “outbound policy” that the traffic to ports 2080-2090 from “any” to “any” to be routed “enforced” on WAN1 only.
And is not working.
Does anybody has any suggestions or workarounds, all other e mails are working ie: gmail, yahoo, etc …only CPanel does not, from what I heard they use security tokens based on IP address but once I enforce the rule for CPanel ports to be routed only on WAN1 shouldn’t that take care of the problem?


Since the users are using CPanel Webmail, I believe the port should be 2095 and 2096. Please read this URL

Please confirm with CPanel on this.