Could you flash Balance 20 with other firmware?

I’m interested in the DD-WRT firmware for my peplink router, however i wanted to know does my router support it.

No, it does not. Why would you want to trash a perfectly good router with advanced features?

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Sir, could I do that? I’m just asking a question, is peplink capable with that?

Hi. I think I gave you the only answer I know in my first reply to your question: “no.”

The reason I followed my answer to your question with another question was this: Generally, my experience is that when such a question is asked the party posing the question is unaware of the features and “power” of the Peplink/Pepwave product line.

We’ve used DD-WRT and it is great stuff – and it makes good things happen to low-end SOHO-type routers that may be rather marginal performers vis-a-vis features and security. Peplink routers are not in this category.

If you care to tell us what DD-WRT will do for you that Peplink’s 8.0 FW won’t I’m betting the product managers @ Peplink will want to hear it. I certainly will. :grinning:

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