Cost effective dual cellular connectivity for remote locations


  • A large West African company.
  • Interest in power generation, real estate and construction.
  • Constantly expanding the market with new branches opening.
  • Using fibre networks within the current setup.


  • Connect their new branch which is located in a remote location.
  • Reduce monthly recurring charge on bandwidth used via fibre connectivity.
  • Find an alternative to the high cost fibre setup in order to improve connectivity with LTE lines due to remote location. Instead of one line, explore the possibility of multi-connectivity options.


  • Due to the remote location and the associated high costs of fibre deployment to the new branch, we would highly recommend a UBR LTE router coupled with a Puma 401 Antenna.
  • The UBR LTE has the ability to limit bandwidth of users, thus limiting data consumption on LTE SIM cards. This can act as a rugged 2/2 link, having 2 lines to increase uptime yet reduce MRC on bandwidth.
  • The Puma 401 Antenna is used to extend the signal outside the site. Solid reliability and high gain, even under heavy usage.
  • Implementing this setup with Primecare, the company can take advantage of features such as SpeedFusion functionality, FusionHub licenses and InControl2 SD-WAN management. These will allow additional features such as bandwidth bonding to combine multiple LTE connections and traffic steering
  • SpeedFusion Cloud would be an excellent choice here. It can act as a virtual endpoint, instantly switching connections when yours goes down.

Devices Deployed