COS on Balance 20

QOS works well.
But I really could use COS additionally for help with the VOIP.
When uses upload files to my server at remote sites it interferes with Voice Quality.

You can define custom applications to use DSCP values with the current firmware. Is that what you are looking for?

Here is my problem.

I have a Balance 20 peplink.
I have a VOIP Phone.
and finally a computer on a network.

The Peplink balance 20 is setup with a pepvpn to my corporate office peplink 580.
on the Peplink Balance 20 I have set everything to low priority that I can possibly think of and set the ports for the Avaya VOIP Phone to High Priority.

Most traffic I don’t have a problem. Except for when the following issue occurs.
Any type of upload file share between the computer at the remote site to the Corporate Office file server.
Expecially when the desktop or my documents are redirected to the corporate file server and windows is sycronizing large files.

Now the remote sites have 1 to 3 computers in them so I would really hate to have to buy at Peplink 305 or 380 or give me something to force VOIP over all other traffic.
This file sharing appears to be my biggest issue, as it can kill all voice quality.


Have you set correct value for Upload and Download Bandwidth on B580 and B20 WAN interfaces? A correct value can result in effective traffic prioritization for Qos.

Yes I have the upload and download limitations set correctly in both the peplink 580 and peplink Balance 20.

The 580 has a 50x50 connection.
The 20 has roughly 7x768 or 10x1.5.

Only file sharing appears to cause me the problem.


Can you open ticket for us to take closer look?