CORS API error VueJS

Hi all

Scratching my head here. I have VueJS app that is deployed online. Obtaining a token works. But making a call with bearer token results in OPTIONS and GET request with status BLOCKED.

When I run the call again in firefox network utilities, it just works… But when I hard refresh the page, same errors on both OPTION and GET request.

I created a client key in the incontroll dashboard, allowed all origins…

Am I missing something?

(sidenote, for local testing I use a proxy and everything works flawlessly)

Assume this is against the InControl2 API and not the device API right?
There was mention of CORS API issues here too…

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Some update from my side, using the token as an URL parameter makes it work. It’s very odd that Bearer token is not working, its noticed in the official API documentation of incontrol.

  • Access Token Location:
  • Authorization header with ‘Bearer’ prefix [OR]
  • ‘access_token’ URL parameter

Weird stuff, maybe the guys from peplink can enlighten me with this

Hi Maarten,

Please check my DM. If problem still exists, please send your request details and error response to [email protected]

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