Correct settings when using local DNS server

Basically our LAN is connected over the Internet through a Balance One router, which will route local hosts over WAN1 to WAN5 depending on line overflow/fail.

But local hosts will use a local Microsoft DNS Server, which might serve wrong or non-consistent (WAN depending CDN) IP addresses, giving unpredictable results, as at a given time, local host A might DNS query the local server (routed to WAN1), while the host A is routed at the same time to WAN3.

I wonder if is there a way to keep settings, routing and DNS requests consistent.
But we need the local Windows DNS Server for local AD name resolution

Your thoughts? Should I abandon Internet resolution through the local Windows DNS Server and only rely on current-WAN DNS servers?

I have never seen this as an issue in multi-wan environments. What do the symptoms look like? Are you sure the root cause is DNS related?

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No, not really,
As while investigating this issue, I have discovered that a WAN currently disabled was listed in the Outbound rules. I didn’t care to remove tha disabled WAN, but know that this is done, things seem to be better…
I wonder if a bug is letting the Balance One attempt to use the Disabled WAN…

It will be Interesting to see if that change you made fixes it.

Not really. I assume it was an enforced rule as the other rules have the option to fall through to the next rule if none of the selected connections are available.Enforced rules on the other hand mean just that.

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