Core LAN + VLANs: use same DNS for all?

We have a Balance One with core LAN + multiple VLANs.

Core LAN uses local Windows Server DHCP & DNS server, while VLANs get DHCP from Balance One + manually entered DNSes (Google ones).

Inter VLAN routing is enabled (to allow sharing printers that reside on one VLAN) but firewall rules are on to prevent any traffic (except printing) to route from VLANs to Core LAN

Can i configure also VLANs to use Core LAN Windows DNS server, while retaining Balance One DHCP server? What steps should I follow? Just allow DNS traffic routing in firewall rules?

To do this un-check “Assign DNS server automatically” in the DHCP server settings of the VLAN and allow DNS traffic in the internal firewall rules.