Copying big file is using only one link and not the 2

I have 2 location conected with PepLInk

2 Links are used

1- 20 MB
2- 15 MB

So in total we should have a speed of 35 MB

What is happening is the following.

I am trying to copy a Quicktime video (.mov) 1 to 3 GB . from location 1 to location 2.

The speed of copy is either 20MB or 15MB, depends wich link the copy takes first.

the copy is not using both links to send such a file.

What should i do to take a 35MB speed when copying such files?
we have :

Peplink Balance 380


5.4.7 build 2423


In order to bond multiple internet connections together there must be a Peplink on each side and a SpeedFusion VPN established between them. Here is a knowledge base article to describe this in more detail:

Hi Ron,
I have all the setup that u mentioned… but still when copying one big file it is not bonding the 2 links.

Check attached screen shots so u can have a better understanding.

should i understand that this is a normal behavior? based on the document that you sent??

When there is only a single data transfer (e.g. when downloading a file by a single user), traffic will take place over one WAN link. In this case, the speed of the corresponding WAN link limits the data transfer rate.

You should indeed get the bonding in this scenario. Please open up a support ticket with us here so we can look at both sides to investigate the issue.