Copying a big file on the LAN

I was copying a 15GB file on my LAN and noticed three things. Perhaps this is a just an FYI.
Router is Surf SOHO MK3 running firmware 7.1.2. The source is a Windows PC with an SSD. The target is a NAS with an SSD. Both the source and target are connected to switches (different ones) and using Ethernet. Windows reports the copy operation running at close to full GB speed (not much else going on).

During the file copy:

  1. The bandwidth does not show up in the Client List.
  2. CPU usage in the router spikes up to 100% and stays there during the file copy
  3. Another computer on the LAN was blocked from accessing the router web interface. Best guess is that this was due to the LAN being flooded with traffic

Is this to be expected?

Were the PC and NAS are on different VLANs? I assume the switches are wired individually back to the SOHO and not via a core switch?

1.Bandwidth only shows in client list LAN to WAN.
2. If this is two VLANs i expect you have firewall rules in place between them. All traffic will need to be tested against those rules and so the SOHO will be very busy hence CPU spike
3. Webadmin was likely unresponsive due to CPU load.

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Both devices are on the untagged LAN. The router does have VLANs defined and one LAN port is its own VLAN but it was not involved. Yes, each switch is directly connected to the router. If CPU load was the issue, that’s disappointing task scheduling by the OS.

So all LAN traffic was passing via the SOHO then.

It would be nice to always be able to access the router UI - even when the switch ports are busy yes.

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