Cooling fan for pepwave NO powersource

I like to cool down the pepwave with an extra fan, what requirements does it need?
the pepwave is in a tight space, dry but no power source…
need to power the fan preferably by the pepwave itself
Is it possible to use the green power block on the back? And what fan? 5V? 110V or just a simple computer fan is good enough?


Which model of Pepwave?

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transit DUO W-LTEA but also the HD 4 MAX, HD 4 MBX, BR1 PRO

Sorry Sam for my late response, I stepped out and in the office I was looking for my feed…

if you are using DC power than simply wire in a fan…

why do you feel that it needs a fan?

are you having issues with it overheating?

No I am not having issues but it is nice if there is some airflow to take away the heat.
There is a powersocket for the pepwave.
but I like to create a simple airflow solution, so can I plug in a simple fan in the green power bar on the back? Nice about that is that the fan goes of as well when the pepwave is switched off.

Hi Sam, would be nice if we can pick up on this;
I bought 2 simple cooling fans 80 mm (i believe 5 V ) and powered up the HD 4 with the adaptor supplied by peplink. Then I connected the wires from the fan to the little green block on the back of the unit … and nothing happened???
Do I need a 12V Fan?
I know the USB on the front works, but I am trying to avoid using that…
Also because I tried the same with a BR1 and a Transit DUO… (they dont have a USB slot)
Please advise

I would expect the green terminal blocks to be isolated or diode protected so you likely won’t be able to drawn power from them. Suggest you just get an off the shelf dc splitter.