Convert Configuration Files

I will be upgrading from a Surf SOHO MK3 to a Balance 20X in the next week or so. It would be very useful if Pepwave provided a tool to cross convert configuration files, or better yet, have a method to dump a “universal” configuration file that all models can read in. In the industry I work in, we do this all the time for the equipment we manufacture. If the new hardware doesn’t support something in the “universal file” it simply ignores it. But it takes a lot of the work out of transferring complex configurations between equipment.


Peplink distributors have access to the tool. It does exist. However it doesn’t do everything… back in March, I was going from a Balance One to a Max Transit and the tool didn’t cover that, so I had to copy each screen. It was nice that DHCP reservations now have a CSV mode :-). Contact your distributor and they can help you. In my case I opened a support ticket with 5Gstore where I had purchased the Max Transit from.

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