Control your Peplink router using SMS commands

Have you been in that situation where your cellular router has lost its data connection and you are miles away from the actual router?
If the answer is yes, “SMS control” is the feature you are looking for!

SMS Control allows you to control the device using SMS (text) messages even when the modem does not have a data connection.

You can download the SMS Control command user guide with examples here.

Minimum firmware version: 8.0
Supported Models:
Balance/MAX ( LTE-E, LTEA-W, LTEA-P, LTE-MX), EPX (-LW, -LP)


If you want to control your Peplink router using SMS commands then follow the steps:-
please go to system->SMS Control

  1. Click the “enable” checkbox to activate the service
  2. Set the password-maximum of 32 characters, which can not include a semicolon.
  3. You can optionally add phone numbers to the whitelist. Only matching phone numbers are allowed to issue SMS commands. Phone number must be in E.164 that is international phone numbers format.
  4. Click “save” button and “apply changes” for activation.

Command: help
Syntax: ;help;
Description: Sender will retrieve the SMS Control supported command list
Sample usage: 1234;help;
command:reboot sample use:1234;reboot
command:cellreset sample use:1234;cellreset;cell;
sample usage:1234;apn;public;cell2;simb;
command :user pass
sample usage:1234:userpass;hello:pwd;cell1;sima;