Control Access to NAS

Hello, I am a lucky owner of a Balance One and so far all works as intended. :laughing:

However, I struggle with controlling the access to a NAS device which I have attached to the router.

My current setup is roughly like this:

  • Router: Balance One
  • Workstation: Physical PC, connected via LAN
  • NAS: Physical Server, connected via LAN
  • Mobile: Phone, connected via WiFi
  • Others: Different systems connected via LAN and WiFi

So far I have only one LAN defined for all connections.

What I try to achieve is to limit the access to my NAS-device to the workstation and one mobile device connected via WiFi. All other deivces should be blocked from accessing the NAS (web-interface but also the system via SSH).

My first thought was that this should be possible firewall rules (Internal Network Firewall Rules). However, so far I did not manage and did not find too much guideline on how to get this done.

Any tips?

internal firewall rules work between vlans. You want to create a new vlan for the NAS to use (ie then you can add firewall rules to lock down access from devices on the default vlan.