Continueos Ping Tools

Hi peplink team,

possible to have the continues ping test tool in peplink, because the existing one with 10 times is a bit limited for us to troubleshoot the link and performance issues, because some times we need continuous ping to identify the ISP issues.

hope sir can add in this features. we really appreciate it.

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hi peplink really hope to see your side can add on continues ping test on the coming firmware.

Hi. In the interim, I’m wondering if you have tried using a tool such as that offered by ?

We’ve used this extensively in our seemingly frequent wars against ISPs who deny responsibility and have a propensity to blame others (sadly, usually their customer).

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Hi Rick, the ping plotter is not feasible to our environment, where we are the MSP and deploy a lots of WAN link where some time doing troubleshooting, we need continuous PING in order to identify a particular WAN link performance from router itself instead of install ping plotter into client PC and then do the run test from customer environment.