Content Policy

Much the same way you can apply a firewall rule, directly to a SSID. Add a “content policy” rule that could be directly applied.
This would be for the Balance-20, but should apply to all peplink devices.

Perhaps you can clarify your objective and how you’d like to Peplink to accomplish this? Are you talking about deep packet inspection where each and every packet in/outbound would be examined? Or, maybe something like this (example from a customer’s Balance 310X):

In this situation the customer is concerned about Facebook, malware, spyware, etc, but does not wish to interfere with activities considered “legitimate.”

These rules can be applied to none or all “groups” and these groups can be made to be essentially synonymous with SSIDs. In this case, they are applied to all because none are exempted:

I’m not trying to make an argument for/against your suggestion. I write this to ask for a clarification of your objective(s) and to point out that Peplink routers include some rather powerful features “out of the box.” (What you see in the GUI of your Balance 20 will be slightly different than my examples.)

Hi Rick.

Sure, I am most concerned with children accessing things they should not, so porn drugs and etc. The screenshot you provided, we don’t have those custom options, (that would be handy for sure. I am running the latest firmware, but not seeing it)

We would use the preset category, and your content filtering database auto updates.

I would also maybe use some customized domains, but ideally along how the application area lets you pre-select things like “Facebook, tik-tok” that would be my first area to select from. Or perhaps something like “Social Sites” and you guys maintain an auto update list.

I understand how to apply the e all groups, I have a post in the other form about this and someone walked me thru it. I did get it to work, but having just 3 groups was a little bit annoying. Our setup required the “Staff” group to be assigned to the Wifi, leaving guests (which include wired IOT devices) to be left exempt.

I would much more like to do something like have a group that would be auto created each time you build a new SSID… in that way, it could auto link to the SSID and you wouldn’t have to do all the manual exemptions and such.

It would also be good if it wasn’t just “Exempt” from all rules, and more like “exempt from selected rules” so that different group levels could have different web blocking and such settings.

Basically, I know there are 3rd party devices out there (Circle) being more well known that would do what I am asking.

But that’s yet another device to get up and running and deal with. The Balance routers are targeted to small biz, yet a lot of folks are seeing these for home use now. So thinking more along the lines of “protection” instead of connectivity (you guys have that nailed) will serve Peplink well in the future.

The real hardcore integration of something that can do protection for children will be a major selling point I feel in years to come. Being able to easily configure this is a great selling point for small biz who might create guest networks and such for there patrons.

OK. Thank your for your clarification. (I did not see your other thread or a link to it.) I’ll leave it to the nice folks at Peplink to consider your request but I’ll note that as one “goes up” in the Peplink product line the features get more and more “powerful” which is why your GUI (and features/capabilities shown) may look a bit different than my illustration. Some of the most important features can be seen here. I was not able to “see what you see” as I don’t think any of our customers have Balance 20s any longer.

Thanks for clarifying.