Content Filtering not really working


Hi all,

We have configured our Peplink and all is working well, however, we are having an issue with content filtering for mobile devices. We have setup content filtering as expected, and want to block all the usual culprits. We have found that browsing via a mobile device, youtube and netflix still work even though we have specifically blocked them via the category Audio/Video. Screenshot attached.

I have tested with a browser on PC and it seems to work ok here, but the youtube app on a mobile device for example still works, yet when I test a porn site from a mobile device it is blocked as expected. Any help here? We really don’t want to have to delve into adding custom domains to fix every site/app that’s slipping through!



The Peplink content blocking is a “free” feature. You should not expect it to be a substitute for an active content system with a paid subscription. From your description the Peplink system is blocking URL requests for known offfensive sites, but not their actual IPs that mobile apps would use. What you want will require a true packet inspection system with a subscription such as Sonicwall, Untangle, etc.



When we talk about mobile devices, it’s not just simple as Web blocking, you need to have application inoder to fully block the traffics.

For Youtube, you can refer to the following forum post.

For Netflix, i just tested and the blocking work fine. May i know your device model, firmware version and Content Filtering Database version ?


Thanks. I actually found that post on QUIC, made the adjustment and everything worked perfectly!