Content Blocking / Filtering - Per VLAN Support


We provide connectivity for all types of events such as festivals, exhibitions and conferences and the more we move over to providing this connectivity via Peplink hardware the more we see things missing that are present in some much lower end / price point routers.

One of these missing features is per vlan content filtering. Very often we are asked to restrict certain VLANs from accessing certain content and when you have over 30+ vlans in place the standard 3 levels of content filtering that are currently provided simply do not work.

As an ISP for these events not only do we have a duty of care to ensure inappropriate content is not accessed, especially by minors, but out clients also have a duty of care to their customers.

Another option, again not available, is to allow 3rd party filtering access where an external filtering provider (not DNS) can be used for content filtering however I would prefer to keep this internal as much as possible.




I definitely support this feature request.

Can we get this enabled?

Obviously setting up a docker or 3rd party DNS would fix the issue, but would be nice to have implemented as a feature under Firewall Content Blocking or Access Rules per VLAN/Network/Subnet.

I’ve asked for similar things a couple of time already. User Group based last time. And User Groups can be based on subnet which would work for you.

For now, we use DNS filtering, which the provider we use allows us to give different networks different policies by changing the DNS address. Not as ideal as having it on board, but it also consumes very little resources on the peplink device.