Content Blocking -> All URL's but Exceptions / Whitelist

I am looking to block all HTTP/HTTPS requests for a specific user group, except those domains on the Exempted list. I can’t see a way to do this currently on Balance 310 version 8.0.0?

I can block all HTTP/HTTPS traffic at the application level, but then it seems like it will only use the exempted user groups and exempted subnets; the exempted domains list would not be used.

Is there a way to accomplish this?

We had this function long ago in our Sonicwalls, but when moving to Peplinks we implemented a software based solution to manage web browsing restrictions, but it introduces instability in the browsers that we use.


you should give the Firewall outbound-roules a closer look


Sorry, to clarify, I am trying to see if something like this is possible using the web blocking functionality. I am aware of how to do this with firewall rules.

The issue is we have about 50 sites we need to allow, some of which reference API’s and web resources (like jquery repositories) at other domains, so the idea of maintaining exemptions in a CSV is what we are looking for (and what we had in the Sonicwall and the current software we are using) as opposed to a firewall rule for each one.

You can manage web content filtering domains (both blacklist and whitelist) using csv files on the device. However I can’t see a way to use the content filtering to block all sites so you can then add your exceptions.

The only other approach is by using incontrol2 to manage a group of firewall rules by creating the list on a device then backing up and uploading the config to IC2. Not too far from a CSV type approach.

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