Contact phone number

Does anyone have a contact number for support? I have had a ticket open now for over a week and the guy assigned has not made any progress.

Hi RCCR01, welcome to the forum.

That is quite unusual; you can’t contact Peplink support by phone.
Leave you ticket number in a reply here, to allow someone from Peplink to look into this and follow up with you.

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Thank you!

Peplink #20050656

I’m sure @sitloongs or @WeiMing can find someone to help.

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@RCCR01, the ticket has been reviewed and the team is following up on the ticket. Thanks for highlighting and we will keep an eye on the ticket.

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Hi @WeiMing and @sitloongs, I need support to assist me with my case (Peplink #20100682)


Peplink local partner will contact you to assist you on how to use the “Outbound Policy” by domain name. :+1:

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The PepLink corporate telephone number is 650-450-9668. For more information about the company: Peplink - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding