Construction: Putting the MAX Transit Duo to the test


  • A company based in East Asia that develops and sells residential and commercial buildings which are constructed by independent contractors.
  • Previously they were running a FTTx line in their server as the main line. Now they are using a fixed ethernet as their primary line, with FTTx as a backup option.
  • Numerous branches across different counties.


  • A robust router for their HQ which can work alongside the pre-existing Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to optimize the traffic flow.
  • A setup which has the ability to utilize multiple WAN options (MPLS and cellular) to create a resilient network configuration.
  • Be able to control the entire infrastructure without too much trouble.


  • Deploy a Balance 580 SD-WAN router at the HQ.
  • The Balance 580 will be working with a BGP to route traffic to and from two cloud servers within the infrastructure to choose the fastest and most efficient route possible.
  • A wireless MAX Transit Duo router will be used at the remote construction sites. Featuring a metal rugged enclosure and certifications, this will be able to handle even the harshest of conditions.
  • The MAX Transit Duo also has two embedded cellular modems, meaning connectivity will be consistent and secure. That means, should the LTE connection fail, the router can switch to MPLS (or combine both) to keep you connected at all times.
  • By using a PrimeCare model, the SpeedFusion license will be included giving useful features such as InControl 2, which is Peplink’s Cloud Based SD-WAN network management platform.

Devices deployed

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