Console access?


We are thinking of using a Pepwave MAX to aggregate bandwith in an application, and we would like to be able to control it by some kind of script. Is it possible to access the MAX by script somehow? Telnet/SSH access would be nice. Do you have something like a developer API available?

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So, how do we want to control the MAX? It is pretty seamless the way it works.

Tell us more what you have in mind and we will put together a solution for you.

I was hoping to be able to control individual WAN links from an external source. We have a server that needs to be able to switch on or off external links on demand.


This is not available today but we can certainly put in a feature request for you.

So, why does your server need to “switch off” a WAN on demand? What is the application for this?

This is used on a ship where the server controls what accesses are available. There is a web page on the server that allows the users to select from the available links. Optimally this would include the possibility to get a list of WiFi networks and allow the user to enter the encryption key. Normally we would have a scripted backend to this web page that sends the appropriate commands to switch on and off and other configuration commands to the devices that actually have the connections.

You can do all this directly on our MAX admin page. It is known to be user-friendly and intuitive so I m sure your customer will have no problem at all navigating through it. Are we working on a large scale deployment or how many units are we planning?

The problem with letting the customer access the MAX admin page is that he would be able to do all sorts of things that they shouldn’t be able to. We would like to limit what is accessible and present it on a common front end along with some other things from other equipment.

It is not very large scale. We operate on 100+ ships and the bandwidth aggregation features are just starting to be in demand.

Okay I got you. This is something we can look into. Coming firmware 5.4 we will begin to support a CLI interface. At first release it is mostly for monitoring but in time we will develop it further.

Maybe we could establish a conversation with our sales team at We could learn more of what you do and see how we could move forward from here.

That sounds good. We are in no immediate hurry with this. There is a planned trial upcoming, but for that we can just use the web interface on the MAX.

Will you bring in the sales people or shall I just drop them an e-mail?

It would be awesome if you could submit a short sales inquiry form at and we will be in touch with you.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks. We will be in touch.