Consistent connectivity to the Cloud with LTE & ADSL


  • A strategic partnership between a North American telecommunications giant and a multinational insurance firm that engages in global insurance services.
  • Currently using a sole ADSL connection which has proven unreliable due to it being a shared connection with other companies.


  • Looking to replace old devices and implement new devices into their solutions.
  • They are looking for a DUAL WAN setup. So to differentiate their connectivity solutions, they want to offer LTE combined with ADSL.
  • Agents must be able to access cloud applications consistently through Android tablets.


  • Introduce a MAX BR1 Mini, which is an affordable router for large-scale (2000 sites) deployment.
  • The MAX BR1 Mini has multiple WAN options such as ethernet and cellular. If the shared ADSL connection is not providing enough bandwidth, the MAX BR1 Mini has the ability to combine in the cellular connection.
  • This versatile device is also capable of providing WiFi to clients via captive portal if required.
  • As the applications are hosted in the cloud, a VPN is not required. But for optional corporate access, we would certainly put forward the SpeedFusion Cloud so you can stay connected with your devices, wherever you are.
  • InControl 2 will be used to manage and monitor the entire network or even push configurations to any and all of your endpoints. This has a wide range of capabilities.

Devices deployed


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