Connectivity for Remote Construction Sites

Often overlooked, a secure telecommunications infrastructure can help you finish ahead of schedule and under budget. Rising Connection can help.

The Need for Remote Connectivity

Remote construction sites are often located far from wireless access points, making connectivity a challenge. However, modern collaboration requires seamless video conferencing between a large number of participants. Teams also need to collaborate using cloud based services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. Large files, such as high-resolution photos and blueprints often need to be shared reliably, quickly, and frequently.

Ensuring Reliability and Consistency

Based here in Australia, Rising Connection can help civil construction works achieve fast and reliable Internet. Consumer solutions often cost more in the long run due to network failure and hardware replacement costs. Enterprise-grade solutions can help you get it right the first time.

The network viability will be tested, and set-up is long before workers show up to ensure that everything is working smoothly. Avoid the risk and expense of system outages and downtime by provisioning your network with backup or redundant networks to ensure that communications and operations keep flowing.

Working with Rising Connection: Initial Consultation

Rising Connection works intensively with customers to develop the most agile solution possible.● Bandwidth Requirements: By analysing the number of workers on-site, and how often they will communicate, in order to estimate bandwidth requirements.

● Site Environment: When surveying the environment, the area, cover, weather patterns, and other unique aspects of the terrain will be considered.

● Diversity of connectivity: This includes the number and types of devices used on site and the expected volume and variety of communications that are required.

● Potential interference: Possible interference at the site, such as radios, high power lines, and whether the site needs relocation regularly will be assessed.

Strong Partnerships in Place

The company’s partnership with Peplink/Pepwave allows it to quickly build a complete connectivity solution in even the most remote worksite. Having the connections and resources, everything can be handled from end to end, including ongoing support and maintenance.

ROI for the Business

Solutions from Rising Connection deliver ROI based on the following:● Time Savings: Connectivity is installed, tested, and ready to go before the first employee reaches the site.

● Cost Savings: Reduce delays due to the relitability of network connectivity and avoid government penalties for overrun.

● Higher Productivity: Workers and management can use their devices and carry out their daily tasks at a worksite without disruption or downtime.

● Network Security: Confidential data can be shared seamlessly to and from headquarters, without risk of misuse or compromise. Compliant with data privacy laws.

Partnering with us helps civil contractors strengthen their relationships with governments and helps them drive future projects and revenues.

“We saved enough resources with the systems developed with Rising Connection Pty Ltd and Peplink/Pepwave to save the costs of an entire IT team member.”

Georgiou Group
“Rather than having to lay a team member off, we were able to refocus those savings and new resources available to develop other key business development and support requirements to justify adding several team members.” Georgiou Group