Connectivity for Facebook APAC Gaming Creator Summit


Each month more than 700 million people play, watch, stream, and share games on Facebook. Over the years, this audience has grown in size and become diverse and global. One of the most popular regions for Facebook gaming is Southeast Asia. In 2018, Facebook launched its first APAC Gaming Creator Summit. Making an entrance into Thailand game show with almost 100 gaming creators from Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan. All of whom gathered in Bangkok, Thailand to join the Facebook Gaming event.


The connectivity of these events determine the success of conventions, with the majority characterised with interrelated requirements: 

  • Continuity: It is crucial to ensure players do not have their game sessions continuously interrupted or restarted due to internet issues.
  • Responsiveness: Fluctuating congestion conditions on the internet may slow down the game fluency on the screen. Ensuring there are no delays or time lags during the game is vital.
  • Ensuring Low latency provides strong, reliable network connection, which reduces the chance for a connection loss.
  • Experience High Bandwidth and reducing ping time is critical as even a small increase in response time can result in losing the game.


To overcome the challenges, a point to point wireless solution was proposed. They installed a multi-WAN Peplink router, Balance 1350 and used a Balance 710 as a HA mode back up. These were used to boost network data rates and reliability while slashing connectivity costs. Peplink SD-WAN technology designed for multi-WAN link load balancing enables traffic to load balance across the FTTC connection and combines 3 WAN bandwidth.

Additionally, using a 24-port SD-Switch they are able to create a centralised network, allowing them to easily monitor, configure and troubleshoot using InControl2 cloud management. 

The Balance 380s act as the second endpoint, giving them enough capacity to cope with the number of users but also ensuring superfast VoIP and video streaming through Peplink’s bandwidth bonding. Through this, they are able to combine any number of connections together to form a point-to-point link. To finish the setup, they went with a MAX Transit Duo. Which acts as a cellular backup connection. In the event that the Balance 380 fails; they will still able to maintain connection through Hot Failover. These solutions worked together to create the perfect balance to ensure great connectivity.


The gaming creator summit was a success thanks to CYN’s solution. Its ability to support a heavy network load with a hot failover kept the streams going throughout the summit.

Since the gaming creator summit in 2018, gaming in Thailand has grown by over 85%. Thailand now ranks among the top 5 most popular countries for watching Facebook gaming live streams in 2019. 


Balance 1350

Combines the multiple WAN

Balance 710

Acts as a HA mode backup to Balance 1350

Balance 380

Provides connectivity to sessions

Transit Duo

Acts as a  cellular connection backup

24 port SD-Switch

Increase LAN capacity and creates a centralized network allowing configuration and monitoring