Connection speed problems with Device Connector Rugged

I have a Balance One router using a Device Connector Rugged for its WAN. I frequently (anywhere from daily to every 2 weeks) have a problem where throughput drops to a crawl (speed test showing <1 mbps). When this happens, other devices (phone, laptop) that connect to the same WiFi network still show normal performance (50-80 mbps). If I switch the router to the standby WAN (a cheap WiFi bridge) I also get normal speeds. If I reboot the Device Connector, its performance returns to normal.

The Device Connector is on the latest firmware (1.1.1 build 2758). The wireless network it is connecting to has three access points. Two of them are distant and their signal is to weak to use, so I have the Device Connector configured to prefer the BSSID of the AP that has a strong signal. When the problem occurs it still shows that it’s connected to the correct BSSID.

Is this a device problem? What should I be looking at to figure out what’s going on?