Connection problems with reserved DHCP

Surf AP 200 (Router)
Firmware Version: 9.0.44
Hardware Version: 1.5

I have had my Surf for over a year now and have never before had any problems. It is a great product.

Recently I have been attempting to set up reserved DHCP addresses for a couple of reasons; one being to set up QOS in the hope that it will make the voice quality on my Magic Jack VOIP more reliable.

I wasn’t sure at first if the IP address I selected should be in, or out of the reserved DHCP address range. I tried both and the out-of-range address (i.e. seemed to be correct.

However whenever I tried I would suddenly have problems with any of my other devices connecting to the Surf. They would either not connect at all, or connect; spend a long time obtaining an IP address; and then usually lose connection and try again. (Pre-existing connections would stay up.)

The weird think is, these were not the devices I was setting the reserved DHCP up for. In fact I eventually realized that I could add a DHCP entry using a MAC address for a device that was completely disconnected,
and, after I saved the CPE setup, other devices (both wireless and ethernet) would have trouble (re)connecting. Rebooting the Surf never helped.

Once I lost my computer’s existing connection and could not get any access to the Surf until I pushed the factory-reset button on it. I then reconfigured from scratch; got everything working again; tried adding one reserved DHCP address, and it immediately acted up again.

My Surf’s AP is a Verizon 4G Mifi and I have an 8 port switch plugged into the ethernet port.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Jess Goodman
State College, PA

Would you please submit a support ticket with us at along with a debug dump and we will take a closer look?

Instructions on obtaining a debug dump can be viewed at

Thank you very much for the quick offer of help with this.

Since my first post I have had this problem come and go, and I just briefly had the problem after I had factory-reset the Surf and had not yet entered any reserved DHCP addresses. So I am now thinking that this may just be an intermittent problem with my local network that, just coincidentally, started at the same time that I first tried using reserved DHCPs.

I always do my best to isolate a problem before I report it, but this time I may have been unintentionally crying wolf. In my defense, I did spend almost two work days working on the problem before I first posted, and I have now spent another one.

I will open a ticket if/when I can prove to myself that this problem is caused by the Surf misbehaving.

Jess Goodman

Got you Jess. We appreciate your time on this. Let us know if you need further help, alright? Thanks.