Connection priority

Hi all.
We have a Pepwave HD4-LT3-3 with a Balance 580, both have connectivity through a Speedfusion VPN. The pepwave has 3 wan interface 4G with priority 1 and one with 3G priority 2, when all 4G interface fail the traffic is forwarding through 3G interface, that is perfect, BUT I would like to have a way that the traffic commuting when the latency of 4G exceeds a threshold established (ms) regardless whether the wan connections are available. this is possible?

My second problem or question is with outbound policy, I can’t make that the rule does match with the VPN speedfusion traffic. For example, when I do a rule of ENFORCED (any traffic and any protocol use Wan 1 connection) the traffic that spends through the speedfusion VPN uses all WAN connection that are available. the rule is the only one.


  1. Yes, you can set your own custom latency threshold by going into the SF profile and clicking the (?) next to “Connection Priority”. See example below.

  1. Regarding Outbound Policy and SpeedFusion. By default SpeedFusion routes will be used as first priority. If you would like to send traffic out local WAN links or out specific WANs through SF you will need to enable “Expert Mode”. You can do this by clicking the (?) next to “Rules”. You will see a new section called "PepVPN Routes. Anything above the PepVPN Routes will be for directing traffic out of the WAN locally, any rules made below will be through SpeedFusion. See screenshots below.