Connection Priority Levels vs. Priority Outbound Policy


Despite reading all the articles and practicing like crazy…

I’m failing to understand the difference between prioritizing your WAN connections into the P1, P2, P3 slots versus putting them ALL into the P1 slot and creating a Priority Outbound Policy that is set up with priorities you would like.

The two seem identical in function. Only difference I can tell, by practicing, is that in the first example, the P2, and P3 connections are in stand-by. So, I’m assuming there would be a delay if P1 is dropped, before P2 makes the connection. Whereas, I’m guessing that if they are ALL in the P1 slot and you let the Outbound Policy handle the Priorities, then perhaps all the connections will be ready to take over immediately?



OK so this can be confusing at first. The way to think of it is this:

  • WAN connection priority on the dashboard is about WAN management
  • Outbound Policies (including the priority policy of course) is about Application traffic management over multiple WANs

See this article for more info on that

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Great explanations, Martin…thanks! Your article did help me understand quite a bit more.