Connection of SOHO from a switch

I am trying to install a SOHO mk3 in my network. When wired directly from the cable modem to the wan port all works well but all nodes are slowed to the throughput speed of the SOHO. When I go from the cable modem to a 10/100/1000 switch to the wan port, the wan will not connect. What do I need to change?

Hi, @Harold_Howell, if you are adding a switch in between your cable modem and router, the modem will only provide an IP address to 1 device. So if you were to try and bypass the SOHO to get faster speeds with multiple devices, this isn’t going to work, whichever device picks up the IP first will get outbound data.

The SOHO MK3 router throughput is only 120Mbps, of course everything will be slower. And after seeing they offer gigabit WAN/LAN and only like 9.5% throughput(120Mbps) on that model router, I would upgrade.

You probably want to look at the Balance One, Balance 20x, or something along those lines if you want to have throughput in and around gigabit.

Simple router throughput explanation - Wireless Witch: How to Test Your Wireless Performance | PCMag