Connection Manager does not start

I try to test max adapter.
I installed Peplink Connection Manager on my win10 pro PC. Installation seems to be ok but the manager doesn’t start…
reboot pc, plug max adapter,… nothing…
I find a log in ProgramData/Peplink/log
there is only

2021/06/14 11:40:35.339| Info | PeplinkConnectionMgr.Program.Main - 
Application ver Start

any idea ?

same issue here…

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Please try Connection Manager 2.0.0. You may download from our official download site. For MAX Adpater 5G, we will release the latest Connection Manager in 2 weeks time.

@e-neolab, the Connection Manager you are using is an old firmware. Since you opened a ticket, please follow up there if you still face the same issue with Connection Manager 2.0.0.

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resolved with connection manager version 2.1 !
Thank you support !

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