Connection Dropped


I have a Pepwave Surf SOHO with the latest firmware (just uploaded it yesterday). I have a wireless WAN supplying the internet connection and a fail-over connection to Satellite. There have been some issues with the wireless WAN, but they seem to have been fixed and fail-overs no longer occur as evidenced by the Pepwave’s log. From that perspective, it’s a solid connection.

However I stream a continuous audio broadcast to my website (NOAA weather radio) and have a new VOIP phone service (Vonage) and drops in the audio signal of about 2 or 3 seconds occur almost every hour, and long phone calls are dropped. I believe the drops are too isolated and short to trigger the fail-over. Although I suspect the WAN, I’m wondering if there are some settings of the SOHO that might be amiss. I have tried defeating the fail-over setting just in case the testing was causing this, but that did not solve the problem. Any suggestions? I do have several other routers to try, but it would be quite painful to switch over and the SOHO otherwise works great!



You could try the PING Health Check Method and putting the Timeout on 1 second.
This might help dealing with any short outages and trigger a failover when necessary.
However, I don’t think this will solve the problem, since you’re using standard failover.

Standard failover will always result in a drop of a phone call or continuous audio broadcast.
This is because standard failover is not seamless failover, there is always some downtime that comes with it.
So even if the failover occurs, all of your connections will still drop temporarily.

If you were to start using SpeedFusion Hot Failover, this should fix the problem.
SpeedFusion Hot Failover will actively use both available WAN connections in a VPN tunnel.
If the WiFi WAN fails, all traffic will be instantly handled by the satellite WAN.

When you add WAN Smoothing into the SpeedFusion mix, all data packages will be sent through the available WAN connections.
If any packet loss occurs along the way, WAN Smoothing will tackle that for you.
This will increase your data usage, personally I wouldn’t like a data usage increase on my satellite WAN.

Hot Failover and WAN Smoothing will require you to build a SpeedFusion VPN to a Peplink end-point somewhere.