Connection between surfsoho and one mini dropping periodically

My brand new AP one mini is loosing connection to my Surf SOHO about once a minute and I can’t figure out why. It’s only gone for a couple of seconds before the connection re-established itself. I’m running firmware 3.7.2 build 1029 on the mini and 8.1.0 build 4941 on the surf soho. I’m hoping someone here might be able to help.

Below is a screenshot from the event log of the one mini. As you can see it’s reporting the missing connection as a failed DNS check. I believe the failing health check is a symptom of the connection failure and not the cause, because when I’m on the one mini’s WIFI with a computer I also lose connection for that couple of seconds. Regardless even when I hand-configure the health check to use Cloudflare’s DNS check the problem remains.

The final disconnect/connect at the top of the log is where I disconnect the one mini from my surf soho, and then connect it directly to my modem instead. After that the problem is gone, so the problem must be related to something between the surf soho and the one mini.

I’ve tried different cables, using different ports on the surf soho, but nothing worked. If anyone has a thought of what I might try next I’d appreciate the help!

One addendum, below is the event log from the surf soho. Doing this as a separate post because the forum software didn’t allow me to put more than one image in the first one.