Connection Balance 710 and MAX BR1 MK2 LTE (INT/EU)

dear all i am starting to use peplink prodruct.
can i get information is it possible to do Pepvn between balance BPL-710 MAX BR1 MK2 LTE.
i want to us Max BR1 to interconnect 30 site by vpn with the main site that have balance 710.
thanks in advance !

Hi aboubacar:

Welcome to the forum!

Yes, absolutely you can create PepVPN between a B710 and a BR1 MK2.

dear Jason
thank you for your feedback .
i can do it without any additional licence

Hi aboubacar:

Correct, baseline PepVPN is standard with all Peplink gear and again should not be a problem. It’s the higher levels of SpeedFusion that additional Licenses start to factor in for the BR1

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