Connecting WAN link through a PTP bridge


I volunteer for a non-profit organization that uses a Peplink Balance 305 router and so far we love it.

We are looking to add new WAN connections, but the ISP will be delivered to the Balance 305 over wireless PTP bridges using Ubiquiti radios. One of the WAN connections will be fed through two PTP links, while another WAN connection is fed over one PTP link. Please see the attached diagram which shows our desired setup.

My big question - Is it possible to connect to / manage the WAN-side equipment (e.g. modem and Ubiquiti radios) from the LAN?

Right now I have setup a PTP link as a Layer 2 transparent bridge and it successfully passes the ISP’s PPPOE connection to the WAN port of the Balance 305 (the router doesn’t even know that the PTP bridge exists; the WAN is configured as PPPOE w/ public IP and not Static IP w/ private IP) but I can’t figure out how to connect to the Ubiquiti radios from the LAN network. We need to ping and manage the Ubiquiti radios while they transport the WAN connections, and am open to creative solutions.

Any advice/assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much!

Sure, you can do this with a couple of outbound policy rules. When you want to reach a device on the 192.168.10.x/24 network, just create a new outbound rule using that as the destination and choose the Enforced algorithm using WAN1. Same thing goes for the other network, just change the values accordingly.