Connecting Verizon 6620L modem to Peplink Balance 210

My apologies for what might be a basic question…I am connecting a Verizon 6620L MiFi modem to my Balance 210 via tethering, as a LTE backup to my Viasat connection. What are the best practices in doing this?

I can get the basic tethering connection to work but it connects with method PPP rather than DHCP. I am not offered any other options, contrary to what I expected looking at the Peplink manual. The Verizon user guide for the modem is pretty useless in this regard and expects you to only use tethering for individual devices.

Has anyone managed to set up this Verizon modem as a normal WAN channel through the router?

One primary question is whether I should disable DHCP in the Jetpack device, since I am only using its modem functionality.