Connecting two mono-antennas to Max Transit Cat 18? Will it work for LTE signal?


I’m wondering if I connect two single Wilson antennas like this one (Wilson 12” Magnet Mount Antennas for Vehicles & IoT Signal Boosters) to the Max Transit Cat 18, will I get the benefits of MIMO LTE signal? Or do I need a special MIMO antenna for the cellular router?

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You don’t need a single mimo antenna (although that is my preference for a permenant install), you can use single elements. Personally I don’t much like the look of these you have linked to. I would likley just use the included stick antennas that come with the Transit andinstall it near a window than spend extra on those Wilson ones.

My parents have a motorhome, its a fibreglass body. I have used velcro to stick the router on the bulkhead behind the driver next to the window and run a gps antenna to the dashboard in the interior trim. Works a treat but they tend to stick to motorways and built up areas.

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Hi @MartinLangmaid,

Here is a picture of a Eurovan Camper:

They have a pop top which is fiberglass. Also, the roof above the driver is known at the luggage cargo area, and it’s also fiberglass. There is a small area (3 inches) between the pop top and the luggage cargo area which is metallic, and it’s a few inches below the luggage cargo area. That is why I was thinking that maybe I could put a couple of single boost magnetic antennas there, but yeah, I can use the antennas that come with the peplink router, and see how it does. I go into mountain areas where the signal is very weak, that is why I was thinking that something popping up above the van may help get a better reception, but clearly my options are limited.

Here is a close up picture of the luggage rack area:

As you can see it’s a pretty tight spot where I could get some type of metallic contact with the antenna.

What do you think?


Looks like a good nook to stuff some equipment - i wonder how warm it would get though.

You really want to have the included antennas on a Transit duo folded up at 90 degrees to the main body of the router though - so it may not be optimal.

A puck style mimo antenna bolted through that luggage rack would work well I would expect.

If it was me, I’d buy the router and then stick it in a couple of different places onboard and check the signal levels I’m getting to see how position affects it.

Then I would likely install the ANT107 or similar


I’d go omni with an adjustable bracket so you can keep the antenna at the right angle when the camper is popped up and when its not popped up. Make sure nothing on your camper blocks LoS.

Hi @mystery ,

I like your suggestion quite a bit. Do you have any antenna recommendations with an adjustable bracket? And I assume it’s to install in the fiber glass surface. I read somewhere that some antennas require a contact with a metal surface.

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