Connecting to an IP when using VPN to connect to my Surf Soho


I have a Surf Soho, latest version hardware and firmware. When I connect to it via L2TP over IPSec, i get an ip such as and my internet connection works. However I am unable to connect to other 192.168.1.* ips that are on that LAN.

What do I need to do to be able to connect to ips on that LAN?



Does this make sense? I VPN to my home and want to connect to a machine on that network.

I’d really appreciate some help on this issue.


can you ping the interface lan on SOHO ?


Yes, I can. I can access the pepwave admin pages for the router also at that address.

I can’t ping any of the other active ips on the netowrk.


if you make a tracer where it ends the request ?


not sure I understand. Traceroute just says host is down and i get no hops.


yes traceroute, but who is the last hope that respond ?



have you tried to restart the vpn interface of your pc? on clients that try to ping there are active firewalls ?


I don’t think it is that. To me it seems like the vpn server isn’t creating the proper routes. My traffic is going to the soho, i can use the router admin and use the internet just fine.


ping testing is not an empirical test, because if on the other side there is a PC with windows active firewall, you will never be able to contact it via ping.

it happened to me that l2tp was not working properly, trying to disconnect and reconnect the connection the request was able to get to the destination

you can try to install wireshark both on your pc and on a pc connected in the soho LAN, and see if there are any requests and some replay .


So, the issue is client routing. after the following, i can connect. Thanks for the help, ill investigate using route more.

route get route to: destination: mask: interface: en0 flags: <UP,DONE,CLONING,STATIC> recvpipe sendpipe ssthresh rtt,msec rttvar hopcount mtu expire 0 0 0 0 0 0 1500 -5259 sudo route add -host -interface ppp0
add host gateway ppp0


perfect :blush::blush: