Connecting to ADSL modems from the LAN side


I have a Peplink Balance 710 connected to several ADSL connections.

Is there a way to connect from the LAN to the modem/router itself? I couldn’t find any way to know its internal IP if there is any.



Hello Ilan,

When you log into your balance, you should be able to see all the IPs that the balance is receiving on each WAN port in the dashboard screen. You should be able to log into the modems/routers using the IPs whether they are public or private IPs. If you have any issues, please create a ticket at and send in a network diagram with IP address scheme and a diagnostic report.

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The Peplink Team

When I try to browse the public IP on port 80 I get the peplink admin login.

Hi Ilan,

If the Peplink connects those Internet links through PPPoE, then you cannot access the modem’s admin page.



That’s exactly my situation. thanks anyway.

Yes this is a right royal pain for me.

I have a Tooway satellite modem connected to my B30 via DHCP and I can reach the modem’s GUI from the LAN.

I also have a Netgear ADSL modem connection to the B30 via PPPoE and can’t see that GUI from the LAN :frowning:

I really wish this could be changed, in the past I used another product (Zero Shell: and with that I could still access modems from the LAN when using PPPoE.

Feature request time I think? :slight_smile:

Can this be added as a feature request please?

i.e. being able to configure the appropriate routing to be able to reach the web GUI (from the LAN) of an ADSL modem connected to one of my B30 WAN ports using PPPoE.

@Heathy65, so for that WAN interface (which is doing PPPoE), do you expect the Peplink to require you to also set up static IP address/mask in order to access the ADSL modem’s GUI? Thanks.

Yes I am happy to set a static private IP on my ADSL Modem. What I need is to be able to configure the WAN port of my B30 with a static private IP on the same subnet and also have the appropriate routing in place to enable communication with the LAN.

Alright, I understand. This is a good request :slight_smile: We will study and make it available in a future release. Thanks.

Excellent, thanks.

Is there any update on this feature request please?

We are looking to supporting this feature in our next firmware release. We have just had firmware 5.4. The next release could come as soon as early Q4. Please stay tuned. Thanks :smiley:

Hi Kurt,
Excellent, I look forward to the beta :slight_smile:

Is this still on-track for 5.5 this year?

It is coming right up in the next release. 5.4.6 just came out a few days ago so the next release should come by the end of year. Thank you for your patience.

Excellent, thanks :slight_smile:

This exact feature has been requested in the following two threads:

Can I just say one thing, which I probably don’t need to as Peplink seem to have a high standard…

Test this functionality by also powering down modem or removing the WAN ethernet cable (same effect) and make sure on modem power-up or ethernet reconnection the interfaces (PPPoE & static IP on same physical interface) are fully functional. Having implemented this myself in various OSs (BSD, Linux, OpenWRT), what can happen are a number of stuff ups including a) losing the static IP on that interface, b) the static IP now being assigned to an aliased PPPoE interface, etc, etc…

Also, as I mentioned (I think) in my post (thread above) - pfSense has problems with this - if the WAN interface, while using PPPoE to connect to ISP, is set to DHCP with the modem assigning a private IP address to the Peplink, the Peplink should ignore any DNS server IPs - pfSense will assign the modem’s private IP address to the list of DNS servers assigned to clients, which of course will always fail as the modem has no access to the internet… so it’s probably easiest to only allow a static IP address on the WAN interface (when using PPPoE) - this would also avoid the situation of having different WAN interfaces on the same subnet = fail…

Hi guys, Can anyone confirm if this feature has now been released?
I’m considering upgrading a bunch of peplinks to support this, but want to know what version of firmware is required?

thanks, Ben

nope, still not implemented… PPPoE on WAN interface = no modem access.

after promises of being in the next release, 3 releases later still nothing… i’ve given up hope - and such an easy feature to implement.

I’m running version 5.4.9 build 1732 on a Balance 30 - the latest.

To see what my DSL sync speed is, I have to configure WAN as DHCP or static in modem subnet - making this WAN connection useless for this period. Login to the modem’s private IP, do what I want, then configure WAN interface back to PPPoE which also requires re-entering PPPoE user/pass again…

Now I feel like bringing up the subject of why native IPv6 over PPPoE WAN interface has not been implemented yet either! :slight_smile: