Connecting to a LAN as a WAN on Pepwave MAX BR! Mini


I am trying to connect the Pepwave to an office network for testing as I do not have the SIM card yet. Is this possible?


Hi Dakota:

If you’re trying to use the Ethernet WAN on the Mini keep in mind that it’s not active “out of the box” and does require a one time purchase to unlock.

Product code - MAX-BR1-MINI-LC-FS (Failover software license and related feature set for BR1-MINI, enables Ethernet and Wi-Fi WAN)

Without the unlock, the port is a LAN out only.



For firmware 7.0.2 we added “SpeedFusion Hot Failover” Trial license for you to enjoy the 30 days SpeedFusion hot failover feature with wired WAN enabled. You can actually connect via Wired WAN by using the trial license until you get the SIM card.


Wired and Wi-Fi WAN appear in Dashboard after activated the Trial license.