Connecting MAX to IPad/IPhone Hotspot

Hi there,

Has anyone had any success in connecting a Pepwave MAX to an IPad or IPhone hotspot connection?

Now that I have the Transit Duo setup I’d love to be able to add those connections so that we can utilize the data off them as well. I was hoping that I might just be able to have the router connect to the hotspot but when I open the admin panel and try and connect to iPads hotspot network, it doesn’t come up in the list of available wireless networks.

Apologies if this has been addressed in another thread I wasn’t able to locate.

Appreciate the help here.

Oh Geez. I feel dumb. I was looking for the iphone and the ipad hotspots on the 5ghz wireless band and it looks like they are on 2.4ghz. So there you go. Thanks for being my rubber duck :slight_smile:


Interesting. I have 2 iPhone XR’s and neither show up in the 5 or 2.4Ghz wireless scans from my Max Transit. My Windows 10 laptop and our iPads have no issues connecting to either when I have them turned on. I too would love to be able to supplement my data usage with the 15GB of hotspot data each phone can provide each month. -Bill