COnnecting 2 Devices to Pep Wave with 2 Different Services

Hello Every One
I need to deploy a scenario in my network and I need your Help Please

I have Connected Pep wave - MAX with Pep link- balance ( Which is connecting to SIP Server at same LAN) with IPSEC VPN and it’s working without Issues

now I need to connect and register IP Phone (connected to LAN Port in Pep wave) to SIP Server that attached to Pep link with VPN only without browsing Internet

That mean just VPN and Block any Other Connections (Private)

and at Same Time need to Connect Smart Phone to WiFi of Pep Wave with Browsing Internet ability

Don’t use IPSEC, use PepVPN.

Create an outbound policy rule on the MAX device of enforced source is the phone IP / subnet and send all traffic over PepVPN to the remote Peplink.
At the Peplink create a firewall rule that blocks source IP of the phone from the WAN.

The outbound policy will only affect the phone since we selected it by source IP in the outbound policy. All other devices can access the internet.

Thank you Martin

could you tell me please how can I set 2 services

on wifi

That mean one wifi SSID for vpn

and other SSID for internet

Hello Martin
Could you please tell me the Procedure of connecting IPSEC VPN

Because I have Other Firewall brands that I need to connect with (Fortinet, Cisco ASA)

Thank you