Connected to WiFi but - Internet not available

Trying to get my router to access the internet and keep getting the error message in the title.
Have a MAX-BR1-Mini-LTEA and all the network processes work but - no internet.
The SIM Card I have is from Tello and there is a cell signal and bars so I presume that part is working.
Is there a step by step troubleshooting guide to help with this?

Can you post a dashboard screen show of your cell connection?
Does it say smartcheck ,dns, or ping check failed.
Have you disabled healthchecks?

It says Cellular Disconnected.
I’m using a Tello SIM card and have it installed in slot A

What does it show if you are locally logged into the router?


How long ago did this stop working?

Your IC2 screenshot says you are connected at “3G,” Tello’s website says they stopped supporting that at the end of June 2022.
- Try going into the WAN settings for the Cellular modules and change the “LTE/3G” settings to LTE only.

Also, did you by chance change the “APN” on the device? A few searches I found said that “” stops working, and to try “wholesale” instead.

I am new to this, trying to get internet in my RV.
Not sure how to get a dashboard screen that shows my cell connection.
Seeing that they stopped supporting my cell service (just bought the SIM) I went to their help section and it says: Modems & Routers - Tello does not support the use of MiFi, netgear, modems or router devices.
Might be a clue. I sent in a request for clarification to Tello.

You can login locally using the ip on the bottom of your router when connected via wifi if you haven’t changed it.
It would likely be something like

OK, got it up and running. Turns out it was changing the to wholesale.
Thanks for the solution.