Connected Open WIFi, now lost remote InControl connectivity

Max Duo using ATT sim A and Verizon sim B

Client rented RV and are 800 miles away. Went to park and I remotely added the Open Wifi which connected fine and in priority 2. Both cell Sims are in priority 3. All showed signal for a few minutes then I was unable to get connected with InControl at all. I am getting emails giving me intermittent connectivity and lost connectivity but can’t get connected enough to remote change any settings.

Am I stuck until they leave the Park’s Wifi signal? They are there for 2 more days.

I’m guessing the WiFi was “open” but still required some type of agreement so it’s getting stuck but won’t move back to cellular since it’s showing a connection, although is blocking data.

Am I stuck here? I don’t have SMS enabled since I’m a new user and had no idea that was possible. I keep trying to catch it when it tries to reconnect but no luck.

Would powering down and repowering work? I have a switch the renter could easily flip to power down and reboot and I could catch it as it’s doing that but it would probably try the Wifi first.

Agree this is quite likely. Is it showing online in InControl2 and its just remote web admin that isn’t working? Or does it show offline in IC2 and only online intermittently?

Could they unscrew the wifi antennas?

InControl2 is showing everything disconnected. I can’t get into the remote admin at all.

There is no way for them to unscrew the antennas. They haven’t called because they probably have good service on their devices so it’s not a huge problem but I don’t want them calling late at night or complaining that it didn’t work. I’m assuming it’ll be ok once they get out of that AP’s range. I just worry that I clicked the wrong box and initiated the ‘self destruct’ sequence and now the whole RV is on fire.

That’s what it was. As soon as they left the wifi signal I was able to reconnect and change the settings. I wish the system had a fall-back where you could go to the last usable connection to call home and receive commands in that situation.