Connected Devices Not Appearing in Client List

I’m configuring a Balance 20 with about 85 connected devices. Some devices are connected but do not appear in the client list. Can anyone help me understand this? The devices missing are:

  • 5 TrendNet managed switches with static (device requested) IP addresses
  • 8 EnGenius access points with static (device requested) IP addresses
  • 2 Davis weather station bridges with DHCP assigned addresses

Note that NONE of the TrendNet, EnGenius or Davis devices on the LAN appear in the client list.

The other 70 or so devices all appear as expected. Some have device-requested static IPs, some have router assigned reserved IPs and some have basic DHCP non-reserved IPs.

The above TrendNet, EnGenius and Davis devices WOULD appear when I used an Asus and a Cisco router on this network.

Again, I can confirm these are connected to the LAN and can access them from the LAN.

So why don’t these appear in the client list? Thanks.

Can you please ping each of the IPs that aren’t showing in the client list from the Balance 20 and check the client list again to see if they are showing up?

Please note that the Balance 20 is rated for 1-60 users.

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Hi Zach,

  When I got up this morning I saw that all of my EnGenius APs were now on the client list. I am still missing my five managed switches and (only) one of about 30 Hikvision cameras.  All are on the network and all were "ping'd" successfully.

  Sometimes some of the managed switches will appear for a short while and then disappear.

  This isn't critical. If I wanted I could return the devices to DHCP and then have the router assign an address.


  PS: I am thinking of upgrading the Peplink router, maybe to a ONE or 210. How easy is it to transfer setting between the Balance models?

Update: The “missing” camera has been “found” – incorrect setting on DNS server in the camera configuration.

The various EnGenius APs come and go in the client list. All remain connected to the LAN. Can’t figure out why they do not appear. Just updated to latest firmware just in case.

None of the TrendNet managed switches appear in the client list. All are connected to the LAN.


The devices that have static IP addresses may not show up if they aren’t asking the router for an IP address. Once they show up in the client list they should keep showing in the Client List.

As for transferring the settings, you can open a ticket with us here and send us the config file. We can upgrade the configuration once you decide on the device. We can only upgrade the config file to a higher Balance. So if you decide to go back to the Balance 20 after making changes to the config on the Balance One or 210 we will not be able to convert the config back for the Balance 20.

edit: forgot to include link to open a ticket.

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Thanks, again, Zach.

The connected devices from EnGenius and one of the TrendNet switches come and go. I can’t figure out rhyme or reason yet.

If I upgrade it would be to a 210 so no problem there.


Just for your information, The client list only showing clients that having sending network traffics hit to the Balance device. If the client is not generating network traffics passing to the Balance device then the client device won’t show in the client list.

You can further confirm this by generating network traffics by ping to the internet IP. You should see the client device show at the client list.

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Thanks, Zach.

I thought about that as an explanation. However, not sure it holds and offer the following.

First, if this is true, it applies only to Peplink. These devices appeared on the client list on the Cisco router I was using until a week ago. (They also appeared on my Asus router.)

Second, lots of my devices are inactive but still appear, e.g., phones and computers that are asleep. I note, however, that these are assigned IP addresses by the router. Perhaps, then the devices that do NOT appear are both inactive and those with device-assigned specific IP addresses (as is the case with all my switches and APs.)

Third, however, I have four weather stations on the property reporting to Weather Underground. All four are assigned reserved (static) IP adddresses by the router – these are outside the DHCP range. Two (made by Acurite) always appear on the client list and two (made by Davis) do not. All four are sending data almost constantly.

Four, the switches are definitely passing data from connected devices but they still don’t appear.

I will run some tests next time I am on the property (it is two hours away from me). First, I will reassign some APs and switches to router-assigned (as opposed to device assigned) static addresses and see if that makes a difference. Second, I will connect wifi devices to the access points to see if that explains why they only appear from time to time.

Sorry to be such a pain. Want to sort this out…



Would you able to open a support ticket for support team to check on this ? This will faster the overall times to identify the issue

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OK. Will do when I get a chance to travel onsite to look up all of the details (SN, etc.) needed to complete a support ticket. Will be a while.

I’ve opened a support ticket. For the information of those looking through this topic, here is a quick update.

The EnGenius and TrendNet devices DO now appear in the client list when I change the IP address from one requested by the device to one specified by the router. So this is now a very specific issue – LAN-connected devices from EnGenius /APs and TrendNet (managed switches) do not appear if the device requests the IP address but do appear if the router specifies the (same) IP address.

Working with a Balance One, I am seeing this same problem with a router configured to access point, and a printer. It is not that important and does not affect functionality, but it is definitely unique to Peplink. I have had numerous consumer/SOHO type routers over the past few years and all of them have been able to keep track of and report these static IP devices.